When you to definitely’s relationship with Goodness produces meaning and you may goal in one single’s lifetime, they absolutely advances each other relationship intimacy and you will well-are

Figure 3 shows the final structural equation model with spiritual meaning included as a mediating variable. While all links are statistically significant at p ? .01 and all fit indices are acceptable (RMSEA .049 [CI: .047, .050], SRMR .04, NFI .95), not all pathways are positive. The direct connections from spiritual intimacy to well-being and to e negative when spiritual meaning was added as a mediator, demonstrating strong indirect associations of spiritual intimacy with marital intimacy and well-being, acting through spiritual meaning. To determine whether adding spiritual meaning in this central position was an improvement over a model without connections through spiritual meaning we tested the model shown in Figure 3 with the paths from spiritual meaning to marital intimacy and to well-being constrained to zero. The results of this model (not shown) were very similar to the model without spiritual meaning we initially tested in Figure 2 . The direct paths from spiritual intimacy to marital intimacy (0.14, 95% CI [0.11, 0.18], p = .002) and from spiritual intimacy to well-being (0.35, 95% CI [0.31, 0.38], p = .002) were both reasonably strong and positive. Additionally, the model not containing the constraints is a better fit to the data than the constrained model (? 2 (2) = , p < .005). These findings suggest that spiritual meaning is the vehicle through which spiritual intimacy is modeled to facilitate greater marital intimacy and well-being. In other words, it is the spiritual meaning that is a result of one's relationship with God that is the impetus and model for greater levels of intimacy in one's marriage and increased individual well-being.

Final causal model (n = 5,720). Spiritual intimacy is the best predictor of one’s marital intimacy and well-being through the lens of spiritual meaning. The strongest positive change is seen for individual well-being in that spiritual intimacy, by improving marital intimacy, also improves well-being. Without spiritual meaning in one’s life, one’s relationship with God is associated with a decrease in marital intimacy and well-being. Standardized regression coefficients from structural model are shown. Age and length of relationship are controlled. Structural model of relationship between latent variables is shown with bold-faced arrows and coefficients. All coefficients are statistically significant at p < .005 using bias-corrected 1,000 sample bootstrap. x 2 (147) = , p < .001, RMSEA = .049 (95% CI = .047, .050), SRMR = .04, NFI .95. Numbers beside latent and manifest variables are squared multiple correlations for all arrows leading into that variable. Numbers on arrows are standardized path coefficients.

Direct effects

When you’re all direct routes among hidden details was basically high, those people routes from religious intimacy to well-becoming and also to relationship intimacy was indeed each other relatively poor and you may negative. This indicates the significance of religious definition in order to relationship closeness and you can well-are and raises the specter of what actually is kept that induce an awful dating whenever religious closeness try bereft away from religious meaning.

Indirect consequences

The indirect outcomes have been mediated by the spiritual meaning. The brand new direct bad connectivity off spiritual intimacy which have marital intimacy and you can with really-getting was one another good and self-confident whenever regarded as indirect consequences functioning as a result of spiritual meaning. This means that the fresh strong character out-of religious definition when examining the new relationship one of religious closeness, marital closeness, and you can really-being.

Full effects

Due to the fact revealed from inside the Desk 2 , the entire effects of spiritual intimacy in order to religious meaning, as well as religious meaning so you can better-are was one another strong in line with one other consequences. The newest pathways out-of spiritual and marital intimacy in order to better-getting was in fact slightly weakened while the roadway of religious meaning to bbwdesire help you marital closeness was new weakest regardless if nonetheless tall. Spiritual meaning, for this reason, is actually most effective in relation to well-are, as well as solid in terms of marital closeness.