HELP University

Our Mission

To help people succeed in life and to live a life of significance through education


Our Vision

  • To be a university with a strong culture of quality and leadership that focuses on sound academic standards, continuous improvements, and the talent development of students and staff.
  • To be a university that offers a learning experience that enhances career development, lifetime values and personal fulfilment.
  • To be a university with a strong research focus in our key areas of excellence.
  • To be a university that shares our success with the stakeholders and communities we serve.


Our Values

  • Pride of Achievement
  • Sharing Success
  • The Courage to Be
  • To be Compassionate
  • To be Significant

Library Overview

The primary objective of the HELP University Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is to provide students with the necessary resources to help them achieve excellence in their studies and research. The Centre is therefore an important key to the acquisition of knowledge and information that will help to ensure success in their course of study

The HELP Learning Resource Centre consists of 4 libraries located in Damansara Campus and 1 library in Subang Campus. The libraries are:

Damansara Campus:

  • HELP University Library (HU)
  • ELM Graduate School Library (ELM)
  • Law Library (Law)
  • HELP Academy Library (HA)

Subang Campus

  • Founders Library

HELP Learning Resource Centre


To be a learning resource centre that meets the education and information needs of the students and staff


To provide students and staff the necessary library resources and services to help them achieve excellence in their learning, teaching and research.



  • The libraries develop, organize and provide access to materials that meet the needs of the students and staff.
  • The libraries constantly explore and utilize the appropriate state of the art technologies on the resources and services provided dolls. This is so that these resources and services can be implemented in a timely manner to library patrons within and off campus.
  • The libraries continuously review the physical space usage to maximize the space where students can pursue independent learning and group study outside the classroom.


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