Library users may use the discussion/meeting rooms in all HELP libraries for their group discussions and studies.
For HA/HU library in Wisma HELP, a discussion/meeting room is available to facilitate users’ needs.
As for ELM and S2 libraries in ELM Business School and Subang 2 respectively, multiple rooms are provided and a one-day booking is required in order to use the facilities.


Scan QR code below or click on “Online Room Reservation” to book a room.


Online Room Reservation

Step to book a room

  1. Place an online booking to ELM Library or Founders Library (S2)
  2. Select a room (Meeting Room/Discussion Room).
  3. Select available time slots
  4. Fill up your student details

Rules and Regulations

  1. On the spot booking is allowed or only 1 day advance booking is allowed.
  2. Booking is on first come first served basis.
  3. If no show 1O minutes after booking time, the room will be allocated to the next users.
  4. Maximum 1 hour slot during peak hours (10 am – 4 pm)
  5. No repeating booking with different student ID from the same group.
  6. Meeting Room maximum limit up to 12 pax only.